Anbalagan, K.

Electron Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy, bright,phase and Fluorescence Microscopy & TRACE elemental Analysis

Asha M

Chromtography, IR Spectroscopy, ICP-AES, CHNS Analysis

Bavani Eswaran

Chromatography, Hyphenated technique of GCMS analysis of Food samples

Dhaneesh, K.

Lokesha C

Mr. Keshava Prakash, M. N.

Head, CIFS

Narayanan K

Sachin Rama Chaudhari

Methods development in solution and solid state NMR and their applications to the food science world. The goals of my research are to highlight advances in NMR spectroscopy and provide insight into how new methods can be deployed to address a number of important measurement challenges and study a range of food materials and pharmaceuticals both a solution- and solid-state NMR perspectives.

Srirama R

Umapathi H

Vatcharavelu K

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